Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

What is EVAWG?

Violence against Women and Girls is a violation of human rights, the impact of violence ranges from immediate to long-term complex, sexual, physical, and psychological consequences for women and girls, including death. 

It affects women’s and girls’ general well-being and prevents them from fully participating in society as equal citizens. Violence has negative consequences for individuals, their families, the community, and the country.

The cost is tremendous, the social and economic cost for victims of domestic abuse in the year ending March 2017 in England and Wales is estimated to be approximately 66 Billion.

This analysis calculates the cost in anticipation, as a consequence (including physical and emotional harm, health services, lost output, and victim services) and in response to domestic abuse (Police and other justice costs). The largest element of domestic abuse cost is the physical and emotional harm suffered by victims themselves (47 Billion).

Women’s right to live free from violence is upheld by international agreements, such as; The Convention on The Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and the 1993 United Nations declaration on the elimination of violence against women.

What Do We Do?

The Emily Davison Centre partners with government private, public and third-sector institutions to advocate ending violence, increase awareness of the causes and consequences of violence, build the capacity of partners to prevent and respond to violence and provide direct services that support vulnerable women and girls. We also promote the need for changing norms and behavior of men and boys and advocate for gender equality and women’s rights.