Sexual Abuse, Violence & Exploitation


A therapeutic service for recovery from Sexual Abuse, Violence & Exploitation

Free & Confidential


What is Evolving?

Evolving is a therapeutic service based at the Emily Davison Centre.

At Evolving we understand the long lasting legacy of sexual violence and trauma. This may affect a woman’s ability to form a trusting relationship and additionally cause difficulties in day to day living. Many women feel isolated and alone with their experiences, struggling to find services that can respond to their needs.

Evolving has developed a trauma responsive service that provides a safe place for women to receive specialist support.

What's Included?

Ideas, inspiration’s and one to one sessions. Including knowledge and strategies, on how to reset ourselves. Leading to the road of self-understanding and recovery from trauma.

  • Safe space to connect
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Strategies for health and well-being
  • Online resources

Get In Touch Today

If you feel like your experience of sexual violence/abuse/exploitation is continuing to impact on your well-being, then please do get in touch.

Contact Rosie:

Email: rosie@emilydavisoncentre.comTel: 07735827867

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This pilot is funded by Lancashire’s Police Crime Commissioners Office until December 2020.