Our Herstory


Austerity impacted significantly on the funding available to EVAWG services across the UK, inconsistent funding led to an inconsistency of services, this is commonly referred to as a postcode lottery. 

We were determined to change this and the only solution available to us was to identify the opportunity to generate our own income. Five charities came together and worked in partnership and identified the resources to drive the ambition forward. 

Our ambition is the same as it was 25 years ago, our priority is to ensure Women and Girls are safe, supported and enabled to recover from abuse, exploitation and/or violence. 

Founders, Amanda Elwen and Debbie Fawcett continue to oversee the strategic and operational plans for the EDC.

The centre was named after Emily Wilding Davison, the decision to do so was based on Emily’s philosophy of ‘deeds not words’.  More than ever action is required to champion the rights of Women and Girls who experience discrimination, oppression and violation as a result of their gender.