Comments, Complaints and Compliments

We really want to know if we are doing something brilliantly or if we are doing something badly and we genuinely value all feedback. The truth allows us to make changes that lead to the improvement of services.

  1. Customer Comments

Definition of a comment: a remark, observation or criticism that may require immediate action but does not require a full investigation.

Lets us know your thoughts on what we could do better. The chair of the EDC records the details of all comments received and then pass them on to the team concerned so that they can look at how improvements can be made.

  1.  Customer Compliments

Lets us know when we are getting things right. Any compliment received is shared with the relevant team.

If the compliment is about an individual staff member they are then informed in writing by the Line Manager and a copy of the compliment and letter is stored in their Personnel File.

Compliments can help us share good practice and improve services.

  1. Complaint Reporting

Definition of a Complaint: An expression of dissatisfaction, whether verbal or written, and whether justified or not and which requires further investigation.

Please send us an email, if available the email details should include :

  • Date of Complaint
  • Name, Address, Email address and Telephone Number of the complainant
  • Name of person who is reporting the complaint
  • Complaint Handling and Control
  • On receipt of the email and any supporting documentation The Complaints Register will be updated – this is kept on the Leadership Team section of the server and details:
    • Date of Complaint
    • Area within site where complaint/issue occurred
    • Type of Complaint
    • Name of Complainant and contact details
  • Within the next working day of notification of the complaint the Chair will review the complaint and if necessary discuss with the relevant Head of Department and will appoint someone to investigate the complaint fully and impartially.
  • An acknowledgement letter will be sent out within 48hours from the Chair to the complainant acknowledging receipt of their complaint and informing them that an Investigation (if relevant) will be carried out.
  • If the complaint can be answered without further investigation the Chair will respond to the complainant having discussed the issue if necessary with the senior leadership team.
  • The outcome of the investigation or response is logged on the Complaints Register and the complaint is closed after 7 days if no further correspondence received.
  1. Overview of Complaints
  2. The Quality Management Review Committee review all complaints to ensure that any corrective and correction actions taken are appropriate and effective
  3. The Board of Trustees review all complaints annually